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  The Portville Autograph (1901-1908)

  The Portville Review (1908-1952)

  The Portville Star (1954-1969)

  Portville Newspaper Index (1900-1938)

   For More Information on the Newspapers, read Cindy Wagner's article from the       
Olean Times Herald 02/03/2019


  Chestnut Hill Cemetery Listing

 Chestnut Hill Cemetery Maps

  FIND-A-GRAVE for Chestnut Hill Cemetery (Find-A-Grave External Site)

  East Portville Cemetery - Main Settlement (Painted Hills External Website)

 Oakley Cemetery - Haskell Road (Catt County Route 27) in Town of Portville

  Pine Street Cemetery - Mersereau Burying Ground

 West Genesee Cemetery - Obi (Allegany County) (Painted Hills External Website)


  Early Days:  1806 - 1880

 1880 to 1930:  Harry Holcomb's Glimpses of Fifty Years
          Page 1
          Page 2   
Page 3
          Page 4     See also Holcomb Photos

  1870:  Early School Days - 1870s, Essay by Nellie Wright

 1890:  John D. Bell Reminisces of Early Days at 50th Alumni Meeting

 1892:  Social life in Portville Fifty Years Ago, by Fanny Parish

 1892:  Portville As It Was In 1892, by Smith Parish

 Portville as I Remember It When, by Dutch Marsh (written in 1965)

  Railroad History in the Portville Area

  A Trip Down the Allegheny on a Raft, by Fanny Bell (Parish), 1886

 Genesee Valley Canal - Millgrove Extension

 History of Portville Schools - PDF Presentation

  Homepage Archives - Various subjects


  Bedford Corners History
 The Bedford Family
 The Bedford Corners School House
 Yuba Dam and School House Memories

  Legacy of the Lumbermen:  Biographies of Henry R. Dusenbury,
     William F. Wheeler, John G. Mersereau, and William W. Weston
  History of the Dusenbury Family:  Henry and Caroline's Seven children and the
Third Generation of Portville Dusenburys
  The Dusenbury Homes
  The Dusenbury Automobiles  

Eshelman / Carpenter / Hopewell
  The Family Heritage of Charles O. Eshelman

Hall of Fame
  Portville Hall of Fame Inductees

  The Family and Home of Guy T. Lowrey, by Bea L. Eldridge

  History of the Parish Family
   History of Smith Parish Hardware

  History of Portville's Physicians

Various Biographical Sketches
  Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus County, N.Y.,   edited
by William Adams, Published 1893 - External Site

Women - Significant Portville Women of the 20th Century
 Helen Johnson, Genevieve Growney, Kathryn Rider, Mertie Keller, Miss Regan
 Bea Eldridge, Madaline Parish, Marie Dusenbury, Mary Warden Tyler
  Lilla Wheeler, Elsie Borst Collins


 Fraternal Organizations in Portville

  History of Leather Tanneries in Portville

 The Borax Twenty Mule Team Visits Portville, 1917

  Riverhurst Park in Westons Mills

  The Old Toll Gate
  Red's and Trudy's
 Chaffee's Peanut Stand

  Fremmings Hot Shoppe in Westons Mills

  Merle Ludden Scrapbook - Portville Review Clippings from early 1940s

  Wendy Pfeiffer Lawrence's Pfeiffer Nature Center  - External Site


  The Civil War:  Biography of Col. Lewis D. Warner of the 154th NYVI
  The Civil War:  List of the Veterans from Portville, all companies
  Portville in the Civil War - Cub Scout Presentation  (Takes a few minutes to load
onto your browser)

  Portville in World War II

  World War I Roster: Harry Holcomb's Glimpses of Fifty Years - Page 4

  Vietnam Memoirs by Ret. Lt. Col. Don Bonsper

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History of Portville, NY
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