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Significant Portville Women of the 20th Century, biographies featuring Helen E. Johnson,
Genevieve Growney, Kathryn Rider, Mertie Keller, and Miss Athalene Regan.  Next time, read
about Lilla Wheeler, Bea Eldridge, Elsie Collins, Madaline Parish, Marie Dusenbury, and Mary
More aerial photos have been added to the Photo Album.
Longtime Portville resident, Mr. Earl Parish, passed away last week in Natick, MA.  His
obituary appeared in the Olean Times Herald on Feb. 8th, or you can read it here.  The photo
below was taken on the library lawn in September 1967, the 75th anniversary of Smith Parish
Hardware.  Shown from the left are Earl and his brothers, Bob and David Parish.
Back Row, Left to Right:  Linda Edstrom on french horn; Dan Malloy, Lynn Brook, Pauline King, and
Loel Putnam on trombone; Dottie Oakley on tuba; Lew Cook, Mike Marsh, and Ben Hooker on
Front Row, Left to Right:  Bob Fairbanks on cornet; John Cramer, Joe Gervase, and Bill Fancher on
trumpet; Bill Weidner and Glenda Hooker on cornet.

Coni, owner and photographer of On Location Photography, is available for weddings and special
occasions, family portraits, student portraits, and framing.  Visit her website at or call 716-372-8029 to schedule an appointment.
The Bent Brass Classical Ensemble
August 29, 2007
Portville, New York

The lovely watercolor in our toolbar (at left) is a depiction of the office at 17 Maple Avenue.  The
artist is Portville's very own talent, Marilyn Reynolds.
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The photograph below of the Bent Brass Classical Ensemble (BBCE) was taken last summer in
Portville Pioneer Park by Coni Colletti.   Organized in 1978, they play local venues such as Lincoln
Park in Olean and Music in the Park in Portville.  

The BBCE began when several members of the First Presbyterian Church of Portville, who were
brass instrumentalists, played occasionally for worship services.  Other brass players were added to
the group and as interest increased, the size of the group grew and the musical offerings expanded.  
As time went on, much of the music was not religious and most of the musicians were not members
of the church congregation, so the name was changed to the Bent Brass Classical Ensemble.  The
group, varying in size from six to as many as 40 members, has continued to meet, practice, and play
for about 30 years now.

The founder, Bob Fairbanks, is currently the only original member who plays regularly but several
other individuals join the group when schedules permit.  Musical offerings range from hymns to
marches, to big band, to classical, with some Civil War music often thrown in.

Several of the pieces played include music by local composers.  David Dunbar has done some
excellent arranging for the group.  Concerts in local parks, at nursing homes, in local schools, and in
conjunction with Civil War groups, generally make up the programs performed by the BBCE.

Currently, the group plays with a core of seven musicians, including Dottie Oakley on tuba, Dan
Malloy, Pauline King, and Eric Talbot on trombone, Lew Cook on baritone, and Bill Weidner and Bob
Fairbanks on cornet.  The group is regularly joined by Ben and Glenda Hooker, of the Rushford
Town Band on baritone/tuba and cornet.  John Cramer, Paul DeRitter, and Bill Fancher, round out the
trumpet/cornet section.  Linda Edstrom joins when she can on the french horn.  Lynn Brook and Loel
Putnam are welcome additions to the trombone section.

Practice is held regularly at the First Presbyterian Church from 7 to 8 pm on Wednesday evenings.  
Anyone is welcome to play with the group.  The level of music played is not difficult and the
organization offers an opportunity for a person to brush up on skills and enjoy playing with the group.

For more information about joining the group, contact Dottie Oakley at 716-373-5380.  For
information about performances, contact Bill Weidner at 716-373-1653.