The Portville Historical and Preservation Society
17 Maple Avenue
Portville, NY 14770
Portville, New York

The lovely watercolor
in our toolbar above is
a depiction of the office
at 17 Maple Avenue.  
The artist is Portville's
very own talent,
Marilyn Reynolds.
PCS Students Help PHPS for Community Service Hours

   In order to get the house ready for Kerwin and the Tru-Wall crew to get to
work, we had to clear the house of its contents.  We recruited some PCS
students and held two Saturday work days to move furniture.  
    On January 30th, we had the seniors in the National Honor Society earn
community service credit.  The participants were Lydia Lukomski,  McKenzi
Welty, Alyssa Rowe, Kayleen Wyant, Ryan Kent, and Emily Losinger.
Welcome to PHPS
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Garrett Martin Helps PHPS for his Eagle Badge

    The Grange was a total disaster area before
Garrett Martin came along.  Garrett approached us
last summer in anticipation of selecting a project to
earn his highly-coveted Eagle Badge.
    It did not take long to realize that there were a
number of things he could do to help us.  We are
always in need of volunteers and a Scout is the
"best of the best" sort of volunteer!
    The Grange seemed like a good place to work,
since it has had the least amount of attention since
we inherited the building in 2010.  We had a new
roof put on a few years ago and removed the leaky
chimney.  The building has a great deal of storage
space, but the amount of extraneous clutter was
hard to deal with.  One of the biggest dilemmas we
faced was what to do with all the lead materials.
Garrett Martin

    Garrett selected a project that involved salvaging some of the lead type
that Col. Eshelman had accumulated for his "print shop".  Tray after tray of
old print jobs (called forms) were stored in racks in the building for the past
40 years or so.   Several years ago, we were able to find a home for some of
the sorted type cases, their cabinets, and a huge paper cutter.  This helped a
little but the remainder of the equipment still took up a lot of space on the first
floor.  Worse yet, one oily printer caved into the floor and created a new
    Garrett's project evolved as we got into it since we had not taken a close
look at what was on those trays.  We learned a little about the difference
between individual type set (one letter at a time) and linotype typeset (a string
of characters in a bar).  Most of the trays contained a combination of both
kinds of lettering.  This required a lot of sorting of the old "forms".
    First, we organized a lot of the mess.  The printing form trays were
stacked everywhere because they are so heavy, the cabinets could not be
moved without emptying them.  They had to be moved around for the roofing
repairs and demolition that was done a few years ago.  Garrett recruited his
father, Matt Martin, and together they moved the cabinets onto the concrete
floor and reinserted all the trays into them.  Several wooden crates were
opened and emptied, the old piano was moved, and a rack of old printing
supplies was re-purposed for the project.
    Garrett organized a group of other scouts and family members to assist in
the project.  When we had a significant amount of scrap collected in buckets,
Garrett took it all down to the salvage yard and exchanged it for $345.26!  
This money will come in handy for our summer projects at the house.  
    The Grange building will become a Cheese Factory and Farmer's
museum.  We plan to display one of Charles' old printers from the 1880s that
operated with a treadle foot and some of the interesting fonts and characters
that we found.  Garrett had so much fun that he has promised to come back
and sort some more type for us!  Thanks Garrett, for your contribution.

  On February 27th, we were assisted by some more seniors and juniors this
time.  We got this great photo of the group (see above).  They included (from
the top) Grace Emley, Christian Morales, Alyssa Martin, Hannah Matthews,
Elizabeth Dieteman, Taylor North, Zachary Carlson, and Alexis Rowe.
    The student helpers were rewarded with a pizza lunch and certificates for
their efforts on both days.  These kids were very hard workers and we are
very grateful for their help.  They had to brave the cold weather both days!
    The rest of the interior remodel involves paint preparation and floor
sanding.  This month we are scraping and sanding the wood mouldings and
windows as well as priming and painting walls and ceilings.  It has been
exciting to see everything coming together.  We have our new bathroom
installed on the first floor and it is completely ADA-compliant.  
    We are looking forward to showing off this grand old 1850's house.  They
do not build them like this one anymore.  Our wine-tasting party on
September 15th will be the first of many events that we will hold at the
Bedford/Eshelman house, schoolhouse and Grange building.  Hope to see you
PHPS Hosts Party to Celebrate as Museum Building Nears Completion

    PHPS has been working diligently on the house at Bedford Corners lately.  
After six years of renovations, we have finally finished most of the interior
upgrades and are putting on the finishing touches of painting and floor
refinishing.  We hired Kerwin Pierce’s Tru-Wall crew to finish the rest of all
the walls and ceilings for us.  It was a huge job but we are now without any
cracks in the plaster and the look is perfect.  The exterior is getting a long over-
due facelift as well.
    To celebrate these major milestones and to replenish some of the funds we
spent on this final push, we would like to invite you and your friends to
partake in a fund-raising event.  We have invited Portville resident, Vic Vena,
of Allen’s in Olean to host a wine tasting party!  Other beverages will also be
available for you, if you prefer.
    To host the party, we will leave the house as it is and let our first “official”
set of visitors roam around upstairs and downstairs to admire our handiwork.  
In the months following this event, we will be furnishing the house and setting
up our museum displays.  Your ticket will not only be your admission to the
winetasting event but it will serve as your invitation to our Museum Opening
Gala, closer toward the Christmas season.  So your price of admission is for
two exclusive events!
    We chose the date of
THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016, for our first
event.  The kids will be back at school but Thursday will not conflict with the
PCS sports schedule.  Tickets are $25 each and will include a special edition
wine glass with your admission.  We will also be featuring live musical
entertainment at the event.  Tickets are on sale now and can be picked up at
our PHPS office at 17 Maple Avenue or we can mail them directly to you.  
    Our office is open Thursdays from 10am-4pm.  Tickets can also be
purchased from Cindy Keeley, (716) 933-6111 or cindy.keeley@portville-ny.
com, and Ronda Pollock, (716) 933-8917 or
    Be one of the first to enter into a whole new adventure in Portville!